About Me

Welcome and hello.  My name is Suzanne Taylor.  I am a Published Writer, Food & Travel Vlogger/Blogger and Owner of The site, The Traveling Picnic Basket and o’boy do I love to eat!!!  Ever since I was a little girl, I was obsessed with food.  Before Food Network and the Travel Channel made its way to cable, I was putting on cooking shows in my childhood kitchen to whomever would watch.  My audience mostly consisted of my cousins, mom and my stuffed animals who would intently watch my cooking skills to the very end in order to be rewarded with a plate of something to eat.  I can’t say that I had cooking chops at that age, but my family made the best guinea pigs and encouraged me through smiles and empty plates.  Maybe they really liked my cooking, or they were really hungry.  Either case, I promised myself I would learn to cook for my future husband.  Fast forward to that day, and I can honestly say that I cringe when I think of his pasted on smile and feigned look of enjoyment as I repeatedly filled his plate with loads of “creative” macaroni goulash.

I can honestly say that I have definitely improved in my cooking skills and even own and operated a catering company several years ago in Colorado.  Since then, I have organized food events throughout both Colorado and Arizona and my favorite thing in the whole world is to visit a new restaurant or event that has a food theme.  Some people read, plant or exercise to relax…..I eat….and write…..and eat some more.  On this site, you will visit many restaurants, hotels, attractions, events around the world with me and immerse yourself in the Culinary & Travel world.  You will explore, go on adventures and learn new places you can visit too.  It is such a pleasure to meet you and call you friend, traveling companion and fellow foodie.  Put on your backpack, pick up your fork and follow me!!!